In2Books: A Curriculum-Based eMentoring Initiative

What is In2Books?
In2Books is the newest initiative under United Way of Lake County's Reading Success Program.  In2Books is a research-based literacy program through the web.  Under the guidance of their teachers, students read books and write letters to their e-pen pal.  The pen pals read the same books and write letters back to their students.  The caring communication and dialogue motivates children to read, write and think creatively.  In research evaluations, the In2Books initiative has been shown to not only increase students' reading achievement and critical thinking skills, but also their motivation for continued literacy learning. To download the flyer, click here.

In the fall of 2013, United Way of Lake County will provide this innovative initiative in five local 3rd grade classrooms...but we need your help!

How can you help?
We need 150 individuals willing to invest in the future of a child by volunteering as an online pen pal to a child.  Each volunteer agrees to read up to five books throughout the school year and write weekly letters to a child about the books they read together. 

In2Books screens, trains and matches volunteers with a child.  They also provide suggestions, prompts and activities to make writing fun and engaging.  The only cost for the volunteer is the cost of the books. 
The deadline to sign up for the fall classes has passed.  Please check back later for updates.

Sign up now!

Step 1: Click here and fill out this form with some basic information.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation e-mail directing you to a link that allows you to sign up online.  You will also receive a code to enter that will ensure you are matched with a Lake County child and will waive the screening fee.

Step 3: Watch the 10 minute "Pen Pal Tutorial" and write your "Getting to Know You Letter."  (Information on both of these will be included in your confirmation email.)

Step 4:  Congratulations!  You are now ready for your student Pen Pal!

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