We tackle tough problems by finding, funding, and partnering with the most effective local programs that prepare our children to succeed in a changing world.

We invest in solutions that work…to create change that lasts.

FY 19 Funding 

The United Way of Lake County Board of Directors has determined that only current FY 18 grantees will be eligible or considered for FY 19 Community Impact Grants. No new programs will be considered in FY 19. Our Community Impact Council and Board of Directors continue to review and revise our fund distribution process to ensure we effectively address the most critical needs in our community. We recommend that programs interested in learning more about future funding opportunities sign up to receive notifications using the button on the right labeled “sign up”.

(Staff from currently funded programs will automatically receive these updates.)

Additional Info

For more information, contact Deanna Olmem at (847) 775-1018 or

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