Kindergarten Readiness Calendar: Free, bilingual calendar filled with activities to help children get ready for their first day of kindergarten that is distributed throughout Lake County.

Find Help Lake County Resource Guide: Free, bilingual resource guide that connects individuals with community health and social services in Lake County.


Power of Purse: United Way of Lake County's Women's Leadership Council's signature event that brings over 100 women together to raise money for early literacy programming.


Opportunities:Work with Dennis Burke to develop a specialized opportunities for your company to have exposure in the Lake County community.

Additional Info

For more information, contact Dennis Burke at (847) 775-1014 or Dennis.Burke@uwlakeco.org.

Employee engagement programs make a difference to more than the charity:

  • “Companies shouldn’t look at their work with nonprofits as transactional events but rather as building a relationship with a trusted ‘go to’ nonprofit partner that is working to achieve mutual goals.”*
  • “90% indicated that partnering with reputable nonprofit organizations enhances their brand and believe partnering leverages their ability to improve the community.”

*America’s Charities, 2015

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