The United Way of Lake County established the WLC in 2016. This small group of committed women wrote and created the first edition of the Kindergarten Readiness Calendar and workbook. Over the years, these women have continued their commitment to Lake County's youngest learners by providing supportive materials, volunteering and raising funds. In late 2013, the WLC was reinvigorated to provide a larger platform for engagement and impact. Since then, WLC has more than 80 members and granted nearly $135,000 to early childhood literacy programs. This growing group has plans to reach 100 Women United and increase its impact through greater focus on Lake County's educational needs and increased philanthropic efforts.

History of WLC

Women’s Leadership Councils is a world-wide movement championed by United Way World Wide. This global network includes more than 60,000 women in 155 communities across six countries.

These women make up the single most successful organization of its kind, having raised more than $1 billion since its inception in 2002, and affecting worldwide change in real ways. Yet, the contributions of these women leaders go beyond financial donations: they get involved, shake things up and create great change.

Additional Info

To learn more about the Women's Leadership Council, contact Diana Nielander at (847) 775-1056 or Diana.Nielander@uwlakeco.org.

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