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Through Success By 6 Home Visiting, high-risk children receive early intervention services and health care to ensure they reach age-appropriate developmental milestones and begin life on equal footing with their peers.

Eligible families with infants and preschool-age children who are struggling with poverty and who have limited access to health and community services, are assigned a Home Visiting caseworker and a nurse. The Home Visiting providers work together with the family as a team to improve academic and social skills and identify, treat, and manage health care needs before they become critical.

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For more information, contact Rosa Herrera at (847) 775-1057 or Rosa.Herrera@uwlakeco.org.

As parents increase their engagement in caring for their child, and children receive necessary care needed to thrive, Home Visiting children demonstrate significant improvements in school readiness. Teachers report that children should be at least 'in progress’ in key kindergarten readiness skills when starting school. When beginning Home Visiting, only 11% of children average ‘in progress’ in these skills. By the end of Home Visiting 99% are ‘in progress’ or better in skills needed to succeed in kindergarten.

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With our partners, the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) and One Hope United (OHU), we were able to expand the capacity and reach of existing early childhood programs and provide a holistic approach to caring for our highest-at-risk families. Home Visiting combines services offered through OHU and the LCHD into one comprehensive program.

Success By 6 Home Visiting continues to be the only program in Lake County offering combined healthcare and caseworker early intervention services to families with infants and preschool aged children who are struggling with poverty.

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