Meet Damien: Reading Success Student

Damien knows that learning to read is important. “I want to learn to read so that I can learn new words and understand better.”

Damien is a second grader at Glenwood Elementary School in Waukegan. Damien is taking part in United Way of Lake County’s Reading Success program. Students who are below grade reading, are selected by their teachers to take part in Reading Success.

Each week, Damien meets one-on-one with his Reading Success volunteer tutor. Damien is making great progress and is improving his reading skills. He is building confidence reading out loud with expression as he learns to pause for punctuation and add inflection and tone.

And his love of reading is growing. Damien’s favorite book is Stellaluna.

Reading Success ensures that students, who are behind, can build the foundation they need, as Damien said, “to understand better.” And when students understand better, they can do better in school.

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