When you include United Way of Lake County in your planned giving, you are contributing to the long-term success and well-being of our community. You are helping to create our community’s future leaders by ensuring children have the support they need to succeed in school from the first day they enter kindergarten to graduation. And, you are helping to ensure that local families get the support they need to become self-sufficient for years to come.

You do not need to be a millionaire to give a gift with impact – donors from all walks of life at all income levels can make an investment in securing the future of our community. The process is simple, and the impact will last for generations.

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We welcome the opportunity to send you additional information or meet with you to take the next steps.

Please contact Quinton Snodgrass at
(847) 775-1046 or Quinton.Snodgrass@uwlakeco.org.

Download our Planned Giving Guide:

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Here are some common ways to make a charitable contribution:

Outright Gift of Cash or Check
A gift by cash or check is the most common and easiest method for making a charitable contribution.
Appreciated Stock
Irrevocably contributing an asset provides an immediate income tax deduction.
Current Will or Trust
Your legacy is reflected in your will. A bequest from a will or a living trust lets you pass any amount to UWLC free of estate tax.
Life Insurance
Many contributors are attracted to life insurance because it enables them to make a larger gift than they would otherwise be able to make.
IRA Rollover
The IRA rollover allows donors 70½ or older to donate up to $100,000 from their IRA directly to a qualified charity without having to pay income taxes. The IRS requires owners of IRAs to begin annual withdrawals from these accounts after they turn 72 years old. An IRA rollover gift can meet an IRA’s annual required minimum distribution and reduce taxable income.
Retirement Plan
Perpetuating your gift through a retirement plan is simple, flexible and tax wise.

Chuck & Teresa Bartels

“Through a planned gift we can support United Way to continue building a strong community for our grandchildren and generations to come.”

Read The Bartels' full story by clicking the image below.

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Nancy Coolley

“I care about the continuation of the great programs, which are truly making a difference, when I'm gone.”

Read Nancy's full story by clicking the image below.

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If you have already included UWLC in a planned gift, we encourage you to let us know. While your participation can be anonymous, your willingness to be listed inspires others to follow your example.

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