Thank you for supporting United Way of Lake County and our local community by donating stock!

If the stock you wish to donate is held in your account at your brokerage firm, the broker can be instructed to electronically transfer the securities to United Way of Lake County. Please reach out to Quinton Snodgrass at for support and our brokerage account information.

If the stock certificates you wish to donate are in your possession, you can accomplish the transfer by sending the shares to the transfer agent of the company in which you hold shares and requesting that they transfer the stock into the name of United Way of Lake County. The shares, once transferred, can then be forwarded to United Way of Lake County. In most cases, the transfer agent will forward the shares on your behalf. It is important that United Way of Lake County's Finance staff at 847-775-1000 be advised of your name so the gift can be properly recorded and your generous donation acknowledged. For tax purposes, the gift is complete on the day the transfer takes place.

Additional Info

For additional information, contact Quinton Snodgrass at

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