We know that when kids start to fall behind in school, they get increasingly frustrated and check out before they drop out. Keeping kids on track during the summer months, especially children who struggle to access high-quality educational opportunities, is critically important. That’s why United Way of Lake County brought the Waukegan community together to create a full-day Summer Learning Program for low-income students.

Beginning in the Summer of 2014, for the first time, hundreds of low-income Waukegan children attended a full-day summer learning program to maintain and advance academic and developmental growth during the summer months.

The program is accessible to and supportive of working families by providing a full-day, safe environment, healthy meals, and bus service. And the program is affordable for low-income children thanks to scholarships provided by United Way of Lake County and the Women’s Leadership Council.

“Providing this high-quality summer learning program will change everything for our low-income students. Last summer these same students were falling further and further behind their peers during the summer months. Now, more students will be on track and ready to learn when school begins in the fall.” Verna Wilson, District Literacy Coordinator, Waukegan Public Schools

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