Jamileth is four years old. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite book is Frozen. Jamileth lives in Waukegan with her parents and her 1½ year old sister, Yareli. Jamileth’s favorite thing to do with her mom and her sister is dance.

Jamileth and her family participate in United Way of Lake County’s Home Visiting initiative which delivers early intervention services to the homes of families with infants and preschool-age children who are struggling with poverty.

Josephine is the family’s Home Visiting nurse. Each visit Josephine checks Jamileth’s blood pressure and weight. She coaches the family on diet, nutrition, portion sizes and physical activity. She assesses Jamileth’s gross and fine motor skills development.

Josephine also monitors the health of Jamileth’s mom, Maria. Maria is currently pregnant and has diabetes. Maria speaks Spanish so Josephine brings Susanna, a Spanish interpreter, with her each visit.

Carolina is the family’s Home Visiting caseworker. Each visit Carolina helps Jamileth develop the academic and social skills needed for Kindergarten. Jamileth has shown significant academic advancements.

She now knows her ABCs, colors, how to write her name, how to count 10 objects- all core kindergarten readiness skills. Jamileth is proud to share her poster board of ABCs that helped her learn letters.

Maria says, with the help of Josephine, Susanna and Carolina, “together, I feel we are moving forward as a team.”

The family’s diet and nutrition have improved. “I now know how to measure portions and I now know the right foods to serve for my family.”

And Jamileth is building a strong foundation for success in school. Maria says that she is motivated to do more to help her daughter and is thinking about Jamileth’s future. “My goal is support Jamileth’s education so that she can reach her dream.”

What is Jamileth’s dream for her future? “When I grow up I want to be a nurse!”

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