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At Clearview Elementary School in Ms. Cabrera’s third grade classroom you will find Luna - her family calls her Lunita. Luna, like many of her classmates, is learning how to read and speak English.

Luna is taking part in United Way of Lake County’s Reading Success Program and receives one-on-one tutoring to build her reading skills.


Ms. Cabrera says that there are many students, like Luna, who need focused individual help. “Reading Success makes a huge difference for my students’ academic success - especially in my class where the students are English Language Learners and many are struggling with reading and speaking.”

Each week Luna meets with her Reading Success Tutor to improve her reading skills. With her tutor’s help, Luna is also building her vocabulary. Each time they encounter an unknown word in her book, Luna writes the word on the front of an index card. On the back of the card she writes the meaning of the word, draws a picture and writes a sentence using the word.

Ms. Cabrera says that the Reading Success Program has helped Luna become more active in class. “She feels more confident in reading aloud and answering questions.”

“As my students begin to believe in themselves, they gain confidence and challenge themselves to do better.” - Ms. Cabrera

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