Felicia Johnson Chooses United Way of Lake County

Donors and volunteers shared with us why they choose to give to United Way of Lake County. We hope their stories motivate you to continue (or begin!) to choose United Way when you are asked to participate in your workplace giving campaign.

How long and in what ways have you been involved with United Way of Lake County?

My company, UCC Environmental, headquartered in Lake County, has been supporting United Way Lake County for years. I love the UWLC annual fall fundraising drive held in our office every fall. This summer I received an email for the Stuff the Bus campaign. It was such a fabulous idea. So I asked my co-workers to join me, and I think we did a pretty good job of getting some backpacks and school supplies for grade school students to begin their school year.

What inspired you to become involved with United Way of Lake County?

My dad. He inspired me to get involved with education and teach children to read. He told me after 9/11 that most of the world’s misunderstandings were caused by ignorance due to lack of education. Then he challenged me to do something about it. I taught ESL for 2 years at OMNI Youth Services in Mundelein. It was a challenge because I don’t speak Spanish! Getting involved with UWLC was just a natural next step.

What aspect of United Way’s work do you connect with most and why?

United Way has great programs to promote education, so it fits like a glove with my passion for helping children learn to read, stay connected with their schooling, and enjoy their educational experience. United Way has a proven track record and tremendous success.

Why do you think it is important to support United Way’s mission?

Success in life is directly related to success in school. Children need opportunities to see, feel, and experience success. It is good for them and it is good for all of us to see children grow, learn, and become great.

What does education mean to you?

Education is both the key and the ticket to our future. Not just for our children's future, but ours too. Today’s youngsters will become tomorrow’s adults. I hope we can prepare them, and help them to be comfortable and up to the challenges they will face.

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