MISSION: To engage young leaders in creating a positive impact in Lake County through giving, advocating and volunteering.


  • Volunteer projects
  • Building leadership experience
  • Networking with community leaders
  • Mentoring middle and high school students
  • Philanthropy

LULC is made up of individuals, age 21 to 45, who donate $250 or more annually. Your membership will strengthen our time, talent, and resources to ensure children and families living in Lake County’s most vulnerable communities are supported with access to the resources they need to thrive.


Leaders United at a Glance

Leaders United - 2022 Calendar of Events

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Breakfast Club

In partnership with Robert Abbott Middle School in Waukegan, Leaders United has created an early morning mentorship program called Breakfast Club. Two Thursdays a month, Leaders United members serve as mentors to a select group of 8th-grade students. Mentors not only assist these students in academics but also provide important interaction to help with building confidence and self-esteem and learning skills to be successful as they transition to high school.


Leaders United offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that are well suited for our passionate, professional community. Volunteer options include activities such as mentorship, volunteer leadership, community-wide United Way Days, a back-to-school supply drive, mobile food banks and literacy programs.


Networking opportunities at various social events throughout the year allow members to interact with community leaders and other young professionals in fun, casual after-work venues. It also provides an opportunity to share new insights, leading to further initiatives that expand the group’s outreach.


As membership grows, new programs will be thoughtfully created in other areas of Lake County. Additional programming and volunteer opportunities will allow Leaders United to continue to create a positive impact on Lake County’s youth

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