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Breakfast Club is a before-school mentorship program that provides eighth graders with mentoring in academics, helps build their confidence and self-esteem, and they learn skills to be successful in their transition to high school. This program is hosted by Leaders United of Lake County, an affinity group of United Way of Lake County, and is in partnership with Robert Abbott Middle School in Waukegan.

8th grade is a key time for mentorship. By mid-school year, a staggering percentage of 9th graders find themselves failing in school. Mentorship programs like Breakfast Club can help to provide a steady foundation of skills to start and end the first year of high school successfully.

Breakfast Club is a great way to start the day. Each session begins with a short icebreaker to start the conversation and encourage each student to engage in a quiet dialogue with his or her mentor before moving into academic assistance.

Leaders United mentors find time spent with the Robert Abbott scholars is meaningful and significant to each scholar’s success.


"My first time mentoring with Breakfast Club was so rewarding that I decided to sign up for the next ones. It is great knowing that an hour out of your day can make a huge impact on the lives of these students. It was amazing to see how open and willing they are to connect with us. This initiative by Leaders United really transforms communities of Lake County and I can't wait for it to grow!" - Ninad Manier, ITW Construction Products

“This program is so important to me! As a Waukegan resident, I know the importance of mentoring our youth and inspiring them to relentlessly chase their dreams and goals! I’m thrilled to be a part of Leaders United!” - Anton Mathews

Breakfast Club Alumni Interview

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To learn more about the Breakfast Club, contact Bobbi Selvik at (847)-775-1022 or bobbi.selvik@uwlakeco.org.

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