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The Lake County COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund has distributed $1,201,662 to 51 local nonprofits serving our most vulnerable neighbors.

211, to support expanded role of 211 to serve as a screening agent for Lake County Community Action to Counter Hunger (CATCH), a collaborative reaching out to meet the challenge of providing food to high-risk residents. 211 will provide improved access to services and streamline the application process for callers eligible for CATCH.

A Safe Place, to provide food for survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking and their children sheltered through its emergency program.

A Safe Place, to provide emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their families to respond to dramatically increased number of incidents as well as added costs for relocating victims, including safe lodging, food, and transportation.

A Safe Place, to provide Chromebooks with software for school-age children of domestic violence and/or human trafficking victims who have had to escape abuse so that they can participate in remote learning.

A Safe Place, to provide interim housing/emergency shelter with safe social distancing for victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking and their families. The organization is serving nearly four times more people through its shelter program than just two months ago and calls to the hotline have increased 635%.

Beacon Place, to revive Tweens summer program for 25 rising 6th and 7th graders in Waukegan and North Chicago focused on building self-esteem, emotional intelligence and empowerment.

Beacon Place, to provide families in need living in hard hit communities with essential healthcare-related supplies to prevent contagion and illnesses.

Beacon Place, to support Best of Beacon program for 1st through 8th grade students in Waukegan and North Chicago. The program provides relief from social isolation through onsite programming and also provides supplies to enhance remote at-home learning.

Boys & Girls Club of Lake County, to fund field trips for Be Inspired Summer 2022 program serving 300 youth from Waukegan, North Chicago and Zion. The full-day programming and activities are focused on academic success, healthy lifestyles, leadership and community development.

Boys & Girls Club of Lake County, to support operations for all-day in-person program for 30 days with goal to decrease social isolation of children and keep them engaged in remote learning.

Catholic Charities, to support its Emergency Assistance Program that gives monetary assistance to families so they can pay their utilities and stay in their homes or get into secure housing rather than becoming homeless.

Catholic Charities, to support its Emergency Assistance Program that provides short-term rental, mortgage and/or utility assistance for families suffering from COVID-19 related income loss, to keep families in their homes and prevent homelessness.

ChildServ, to provide direct assistance with formula, diapers and pull-ups, baby wipes, food and utility assistance to families enrolled in home visiting early childhood programs that are struggling due to layoffs and drastically reduced work hours.

Club Apaseo el Alto, to support food drive for families in need in Waukegan and North Chicago.

Community Action Partnership of Lake County, to provide hot meals to homeless individuals and families sheltered by PADS during the pandemic.

Community Action Project of Lake County, to provide short-term rental assistance for families suffering from COVID-19 related income loss, and to support continuation of hot food delivery program for families experiencing homelessness or domestic abuse.

Community Partners for Affordable Housing, to assist low-income households with rent and utility assistance so they can stay in their homes.

Comp-U-Dopt, to prove 300 refurbished laptops for Waukegan area families to support remote learning.

Curt’s Café Highland Park, to provide increased access to emergency food and supplies needed to serve meals and/or groceries to low-income seniors sheltering in place, families suffering from COVID-19 related income loss who are unable to access food pantries, and/or low-income families quarantined with infected family member.

CYN Counseling Center, to provide mental and behavioral health services for youth and adult survivors of abuse or trauma who can no longer afford needed therapeutic services.

Diaper Bank Partnership of Lake County, to help support those in need in western Lake County by providing diapers for infants, seniors and the disabled.

Elderwerks, to assist seniors with vaccination appointments and to provide education outreach.

Elderwerks, to support one-on-one case management services for seniors and caregivers, and provide updated trainings and protective gear for caregivers serving on the front lines.

Emmanuel Faith Bible Christian Center - Food Pantry, to support purchase of additional food for dramatically increasing food needs of North Chicago community.

Erie Family Health Centers, to support vaccination fairs for both patients and non-patients residing in Lake County, and outreach for people of color.

Erie Family Health Centers, to establish telehealth mental health services and support increased needs for low-income people struggling with personal loss, self-isolation, and increasing economic instability.

Erie Family Health Centers, to provide Pediatric Wellness Program with educational supports and behavioral health services for children and adolescents impacted by pandemic.

Family Service of Lake County, to remove barriers to accessing the COVID-19 vaccine for Highwood families, as well as to provide food for those facing challenges.

Families Helping Families Chicagoland, in partnership with BellaRu Catering, to provide groceries and prepared meals for low-income underserved families in need directly affected by COVID-19, including families in Waukegan School District 60 and the CATCH initiative.

Family First Center of Lake County, to provide hot meals, food, toiletries, masks, gloves and other essential basic needs for seniors in hard hit African American communities through its Support Our Seniors Program.

Family Service of Lake County, to support its Emergency Fund to address immediate essential needs, including rent and utility assistance for families and students enrolled in FSLC’s programs who are disproportionately affected, particularly due to job loss and reduction in work hours.

Farmworker & Landscaper Advocacy Project (FLAP), to support educational community outreach and resources, as well as basic needs such as food, rent and essential supplies, for migrant and seasonal families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

Fill a Heart 4 Kids, to support Brighter Futures Summer Program that provides tutoring, life skills classes, STEM classes, critical resources and onsite field trips to provide a safe and positive experience for 500 children in Waukegan Public Schools receiving services from DHS as well as teens living in a North Chicago Girls Home.

First Baptist Church of Waukegan, to support the Cool Learning Experience summer program which nurtures the well-being of the whole child with nature and literacy as its foundation to build reading, writing and speaking skills for 70 children and youth in Waukegan, North Chicago and Zion.

The Giving Point Food Pantry, to provide food and supplies for pantry to serve an increasing number of families who are out of work and hungry.

Grandparents and Kins Raising Children, to support distance learning and educational development of children raised by grandparents or other relatives in need and without internet access or computers.

Hanul Family Alliance, to provide and deliver emergency meals to senior citizens who shouldn’t be going out at this time.

Heart of the City, to support their Summer Soccer Academy that teaches soccer, life skills and team building for 60 at-risk youth in North Chicago, Round Lake, Waukegan and Zion.

Highland Park Community Early Learning Center, to purchase sanitizers that enable them to provide childcare and programming for children age 2-5 years old in low income families in Highwood, North Chicago, Waukegan, Gurnee, and Highland Park.

Hispanic America Community Education and Services (HACES), to provide emergency assistance with rent, utilities, food and prescriptions for individuals and families in need including young children and seniors affected by the pandemic.

Lake County Haven, to provide nontraditional housing and deliver donated meals to homeless women and children who can no longer stay in transitional housing or shelters.

Libertyville Township Gift Fund, to support the Food Pantry and the Community Emergency Fund that assists individuals and families facing a life threatening emergency, including with rent and utilities.

Mano a Mano Family Resource Center, to provide direct assistance with food, rent and utilities for community members such as international students and recent immigrants in dire need, but who are not eligible for existing benefits and programs.

Messiah Lutheran Church, to support its Community Meal Program to address increased food needs for homebound seniors and low-income families, including “to go” containers, individually packaged utensils and PPE for volunteers delivering meals.

Most Blessed Trinity Parish, to procure food, equipment and supplies for their food pantry and soup kitchen to serve growing numbers of families in need.

Mothers Trust Foundation, to support emergency housing assistance to help keep vulnerable families with children safely in their homes during this crisis.

Mothers Trust Foundation, to provide scholarships for 20 children of low-income families in Waukegan, North Chicago, Round Lake and Zion to attend full-day summer camp. Scholarships are based on recommendations from social workers, school staff and community-based programs who are aware of families with specific needs and lack funding. The Summer Camp Enrichment Program allows parents uninterrupted employment and children to thrive through socialization, exploration and learning.

Nicasa, to provide food for adults in transitional housing who need substance abuse recovery and maintenance support.

Nicasa, to support the continuation of essential behavioral health services for substance abuse, mental health and problem gambling, and the bilingual HUGS Line (Handling Uncertainty with Guidance and Support) that provides free emotional help and recovery support.

Nicasa, to provide short-term rental and/or utility assistance for 30 days to families suffering from COVID-19 related income loss, and to provide emergency food and supplies through food banks and mobile food distributions to families. Additionally to support Stable Families Fund in North Chicago for food and medication for most vulnerable families.

Northern Illinois Food Bank, to provide critical resources for the Food Bank’s drastically expanding emergency response efforts.

Northern Illinois Food Bank, to provide urgent access to refrigeration equipment for member food pantries in Lake County to assist with accepting, storing and distributing perishable food to neighbors in need.

PADS Lake County, to support nontraditional overnight housing and food costs for Lake County’s homeless residents who can no longer congregate or stay in shelters.

PADS Lake County, to provide emergency shelter to an increasing number of Lake County residents who are homeless or at risk of homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pioneer Center, to provide for a bilingual therapist and two additional telehealth licenses to serve increasing numbers of families and youth in need of behavioral and mental health support.

Reading Power, to aid development and pilot test of virtual one-to-one model tutoring program for Lake County students learning remotely to help address anticipated learning loss of COVID-19 school closings.

Roberti Community House, to sustain the production, procurement and distribution of food for residents in need from Highwood and Highland Park communities, many of whom worked in the hospitality or restaurant industry.

Roberti Community House, to provide emergency food, including prepared meals, meal kits, groceries, produce and supplies, to most vulnerable food insecure Lake County residents.

Roberti Community House, to provide vaccine education, registration and coordination for homebound adults and people of color from North Chicago, Waukegan, and Zion, as well as to provide food at pop-up sites so that community members can prioritize their health needs.

Roberti Community House, to procure food for at-risk individuals and first responders.

Roberti Community House, to support Summer Youth Programming for 300 children with activities incorporating math, reading, science, art, cooking, music and English. Many children are English language learners new to the area, or youth who have been out of school. Programming will help increase language proficiency and add a social-emotional element to deal with stresses.

Rosalind Franklin University, to support Community Care Connection—a free, mobile health program to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines for medically underserved communities, particularly for communities of color and people with limited mobility in Lake County.

Rosalind Franklin University Health Clinics, to implement telehealth care for all child, teen and adult psychiatric and psychology patients, eliminating the need for in-person office visits and reducing patient and provider exposure to virus.

Shelia Daniels Christian Academy, to support co-ed summer educational programming for up to 70 children in Waukegan, North Chicago, Beach Park and Zion. Camp Champion is open to everyone and addresses the educational, social and emotional learning, and personal growth of children ages 3 to 12 years old.

Southeast Lake County Faith in Action Volunteers, to provide medical transportation and services for older adults without other means living in south Lake County and needing essential care for dialysis, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, pain management, etc.

Taylor’s Toolbox Inc, to support individuals and families in need with food,health and safety essentials, and financial assistance who are living in underserved areas of northern Lake County.

Waukegan Parks Foundation, to support programs addressing decreased socialization and enhancing remote learning for children, including “Get to the Water for Fun” program to keep families active during the pandemic and a “Ready2Read” program to aid reading development and social engagement.

Waukegan Public Schools, to purchase school supplies and books for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

West Side Community Center, to provide consistent, nutritious meals for students and their families with limited resources or access to grocery stores through its Seeds 4 Success program. Goal is to educate students to cultivate, plant, grow, harvest, and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables from their community gardens.

Youth and Family Counseling, to implement remote, teletherapy services to provide mental health counseling and support for youth and families coping with loss, anxiety, depression, economic hardship and upheaval within their lives.

Youthage Culinary Program Inc, to provide emergency funding for food, supplies and delivery of meals to homebound seniors in North Chicago, Waukegan, Zion and Mundelein as well as education on healthy food preparation.

Youthbuild Lake County, to purchase technology for students to continue with their education and training while practicing social distancing and safety measures, and prepare for the reality of a reshaped workforce.

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