Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC) was not easy for Alan. The pandemic delayed his early social development, and KCC was the first place where Alan interacted with peers in a structured classroom setting. During the first few weeks of KCC, Alan often felt frustrated. Learning new skills such as raising his hand, walking in a line, taking bathroom breaks, following a schedule, and group play were challenging. Alan’s behavior required constant redirection from his KCC teachers. Each time he was redirected, Alan would apologize. He wanted to learn how to do better. Despite the challenges, Alan showed up to KCC each day with a smile.

A couple weeks after KCC ended, Alan started kindergarten in Beach Park. Alan’s kindergarten teacher shared that Alan is an exemplary student! “Alan is the ONLY kindergartner in my classroom that is raising his hand to speak. He can walk in a line in the halls, he understands the classroom schedule and he engages in patient turn-taking during group play.” Alan’s teacher shared that his confidence is through the roof. “His beaming smile is all the evidence I need to see how proud he is of himself.” Through KCC, Alan was able to prepare for the classroom expectations and environment. And now, Alan’s teacher looks to Alan as a model student to guide other kindergartners.

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