Destiny's Progress

Destiny is outgoing, full of energy and very excited to start kindergarten! When she began Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC), she quickly made new friends. She looked forward to attending KCC each day and actively participated in classroom activities.

When entering KCC, students are assessed on key kindergarten skills that are essential for successful learning in kindergarten such as recognizing shapes, letters, counting and writing their names. Students can score: 1-not yet started, 2-beginning, 3-in progress or 4-proficient.

When Destiny entered KCC, she had difficulty writing her name. When assessed, she scored a “1” indicating she had not yet begun learning this skill.

KCC teachers worked to help Destiny learn how to write her name. She began by tracing the letters of her name over dotted lines. Destiny then graduated to writing her name independently on blank lines while looking at her name. By the end of KCC, she scored a “3” on this skill indicating she was in progress, on her way to proficiency.

Destiny’s mom, Cassandra, shared that KCC helped Destiny be better prepared for kindergarten. “Destiny learned how to take the school bus, she learned how to engage with other students and make more friends. She learned how to write her name and she learned her numbers.”

The progress and growth Destiny made in KCC has prepared her for successful learning in kindergarten.

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