Early Learning Trails

Early Learning Trails are publicly accessible outdoor learning games designed to develop children’s
academic readiness and encourage active movement and play. The brightly painted trails marked by numbers, letters and shapes help children develop social, cognitive, and kinesthetic skills in a fun and safe space.

Volunteers take part in painting and revitalizing Early Learning Trails and, thanks to the generosity of our corporate and community sponsors, children in Lake County have access to dozens of
these trails.

Sensory Paths

Sensory Paths are colorful and engaging pathways used by children to explore a variety of sensory
experiences. These indoor paths are a great tool to help children develop motor skills, self-regulation, balance, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness in a playful, safe space.

Volunteers take part in installing Sensory Paths and, thanks to the generosity of our corporate and
community sponsors, children have access to these pathways throughout many
Lake County schools.

Additional Info

For more information, contact Bobbi Selvik at (847) 775-1022 or Bobbi.Selvik@uwlakeco.org.

Early Learning Trails Flyer
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Sensory Paths Flyer
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United Way of Lake County leads corporate volunteer teams to create and revitalize Early Learning Trails. In 2019, Mrs. Gladys Rodriguez, the principal of Clark Elementary School in Waukegan, visited a group of volunteers to thank them for their efforts:

"Thanks to United Way of Lake County and dedicated volunteers, our young students can use our outdoor learning trails in a way that positively impacts their focus in the classroom. Outdoor learning trails let our young students hop or tip-toe through different learning spaces. Clark students have found these colorful, interactive pathways—which include brightly painted letters, numbers, and a map of the USA—as platforms that allow students to learn foundational skills while releasing stress and coping with different emotions." - Gladys Rodriguez, Principal Clark School

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