Kindergarten Countdown Camp: Prehistoric Learning


Anthony and his classmates spent the morning working as paleontologists, using excavation tools to dig through stones to find hidden dinosaurs. Anthony was the first to dig through his stone and was excited to find the imprint of a tyrannosaurus rex.

The activity was part of Kindergarten Countdown Camp, a free summer learning program for incoming kindergarten students who have little to no preschool experience. Anthony’s teachers, Ms. Brooke and Mr. Kacey, realized how much the entire class loved dinosaurs and decided to create a dinosaur themed day of learning.

Students left the dig site and ventured back inside the classroom where United Way Board Member, Michelle Hansen, visited the class to read “Catch Me If You Can,” a story about a young brave dinosaur. When the teachers announced the next activity was creating dinosaur masks, Anthony exclaimed, “This is the BEST day ever!”

Students cut triangle and circle shapes and carefully followed directions to construct a colorful dinosaur mask. Each student practiced writing their name on the back of the mask.

Anthony’s teachers tapped into the classroom’s love of dinosaurs to create a day of adventure that helped students build the early learning skills they need to be ready to succeed on their first day of kindergarten.

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