Speaking Up and Making Friends

When Ruben entered Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC), he did not feel comfortable talking with teachers or with his classmates. He remained quiet throughout the day and would play by himself during free time and recess.  

After two weeks at KCC, Ruben started participating during the class instruction and he answered questions when he was called on.  

Ruben began to feel more comfortable in his new environment, and his connections with his classmates grew. By the end of KCC, Ruben’s classmates became his friends. He would talk to classmates throughout the day and play with kids at recess.  

As Ruben’s sense of confidence increased, his engagement in learning grew. Ruben was able to express his thoughts and emotions verbally with his teachers. And, by the end of KCC, Ruben was speaking up louder, with confidence, when participating in class.  

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