Twin Sisters Stepping into Kindergarten

Taking Big Steps Together

Laila and Alia are twin sisters. Their mom signed them up for Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC) so that they would have an opportunity to practice key skills, experience a school setting and learn social skills. The more prepared children are both academically and emotionally for kindergarten, the more successful learners they will become. 

The first step into the KCC classroom was a big step for Laila and Alia. Prior to KCC, Laila and Alia had never been outside their home without their mom, and they felt anxious interacting with other children. During the first couple of days at KCC the twins were inseparable. Laila and Alia spent their first 5 years of life side-by-side, so it was difficult to even sit at desks on opposite sides of the room. During free play, they would run to each other, hug and hold hands.  

In kindergarten, twins are separated into different classrooms. It was hard to imagine that Laila and Alia could make it through a school day without the other by their side. But, after the first week of KCC, Alia and Laila started talking with their classmates. Each day they began to connect more with other students. By the end of KCC, they were playing with classmates, engaging during story time, participating in classroom activities and they were able to work independently.   

On the first day of kindergarten, Laila and Alia will be ready to step into the classroom with confidence.  

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