Writing Major

Key Skills for Kindergarten Success

Meet Major. He is 5 years old. This summer, Major took part in Kindergarten Countdown Camp (KCC) to learn key skills and prepare for kindergarten.  

One key skill children need for kindergarten is being able to write the letters of their name. At KCC, students begin learning to write their name by tracing the letters over dotted lines.  

Like many students attending KCC, Major found it difficult to hold a marker the correct way in order to write. Major’s KCC teachers, Mr. Ramos and Mrs. Carmen, worked each day to help Major enhance his hand-eye coordination and gain control over his marker. Every morning at KCC, Major would begin class by practicing with his classmates. After weeks of practice, Major learned how to hold his marker correctly. By the end of KCC, he was able to write his name successfully.  

Through KCC, Major was able to build a key skill that is essential for successful learning in kindergarten.

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