Meet the Interns: David Astudillo

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We are excited to welcome David Astudillo, our newest intern! We love getting to introduce new people to the work we do at United Way of Lake County (UWLC). As part of our 211 team, David is capturing 211 caller stories for our newsletters and collecting monthly report data. He is also assisting the marketing team by gathering social media analytics, offering ideas to enhance UWLC’s presence on social media, and more. Join us in welcoming David!

Where do you go to school, what is your major, and when will you graduate?

I am currently majoring in communication and minoring in professional writing and psychology at the University of Illinois Chicago. I will be earning a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences this May.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Waukegan, Illinois and I have continued to reside here throughout the pandemic.

What is your favorite type of food?

I love any type of pasta! When it comes to desserts my favorite would have to be banana bread pudding.

What is one of your favorite movies?

Some of my favorite movies to watch are Pixar animated movies! My favorite Pixar movie is, Inside Out.

Who inspires you?

Healthcare workers are people who I appreciate given the recent events that have shaken our country. Since the start of COVID-19 I have been amazed at what healthcare workers have been able to do as they put their lives on the line every day in order to care for citizens.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

During my downtime, I like to scour the internet in search of vintage movie posters to add to my collection.

To learn more about internship opportunities at United Way, click here.

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