Kindergarten Countdown Camp

Jessie carefully traces the number 4 first with red marker and then continues to practice with yellow, green, blue, orange and purple markers. Jessie is 5 years old and is excited to begin kindergarten. He is already looking ahead to his future. His goal is to, one day, become a lawyer.

This summer, Jessie is attending United Way of Lake County’s Kindergarten Countdown Camp, a free summer learning program for incoming kindergarten students who have little to no preschool experience. Children who attend preschool are more likely to enter kindergarten socially and emotionally ready to succeed school.

Taught by licensed teachers, Kindergarten Countdown Camp helps children, like Jessie, prepare for a successful start in Kindergarten. Children adjust to the classroom setting, practice following directions and rules and are able to practice key kindergarten skills such as recognize shapes, letters, counting and writing their names.

Jessie’s parents also took part in Kindergarten Countdown Camp’s Parent Event to learn how they can help Jessie prepare for kindergarten. At the Parent Event, parents learn about school readiness skills and are provided tips and resources for teaching their child at home. And the Parent Event provides an opportunity for parents to meet school staff so that they can begin building a partnership with their child’s educators.

Jessie’s parents have a dream that Jessie and his two siblings will succeed in life. They are participating in Kindergarten Countdown Camp so that they can help Jessie begin his journey with the tools he needs to succeed. And because of this, Jessie’s future just got brighter.

"My dream is that my children will succeed in life."
- Tapia, father

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