“As responsible, caring adults we have an obligation to assist others in our community in their time of need. It is a humbling experience to know that my personal contributions, over the last 30 years, may have helped a single mother or father get back on their feet, or a young family in need of food or medical care have access to them. But most importantly, the very thought of knowing that a child is smiling this very day because they understand someone cared enough to help in their time of need is, quite frankly, all the thanks I will ever need.” Greg—United Way Loyal Contributor

Have you been giving to United Way in any community for 10 years or more?

If so, United Way of Lake County wants to know about it! We want you to be among our members of United Way’s Loyal Contributor Club comprised of Lake County individuals or couples who have been donating to United Way in any city for 10 years or more. We want to… recognize you, thank you, invite you to community celebrations, and invite you to take part in special community projects.

Additional Info

For more information, contact Janice Scarbalis at (847) 775-1033 or  Janice.Scarbalis@uwlakeco.org.

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