Summer Learning

Students in low-income communities tend to experience learning loss when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. This means that students already struggling to stay on track during the school year, fall further and further behind during the summer.

That’s why United Way of Lake County helped families attend the full-day Summer Enrichment Academy taught by Waukegan Public School teachers. Low-income Waukegan elementary students participated and were able to maintain and advance academic and developmental growth during the summer months.

The Summer Enrichment Academy is accessible to and supportive of working families by providing full-day care, a safe environment with healthy meals, and transportation. The program is affordable for low-income children thanks to scholarships provided by United Way of Lake County and the Women’s Leadership Council.

Additional Info

For more information, contact Sue Baehr at (847) 775-1032 or Sue.Baehr@uwlakeco.org.


  • 126 students participated in the Summer Enrichment Academy, including Kindergarten Countdown Camp students.
  • 30 students participated in Waukegan Park District’s After School Action Camp following the Enrichment Academy.
  • All students were able to take part in a field trip to Kohl Children’s Museum where they took part in fun, interactive learning activities.

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The success of the Summer Enrichment Academy is a community-wide effort, supported by Kohl Children’s Museum, the Waukegan Park District, Waukegan Public Library, Waukegan Public School District 60, and United Way of Lake County.

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